At North Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center, we believe that through individualized care plans and personalized attention, every patient has the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation staff provide 24/7 support and thoroughly understand the road to recovery. With our proven experience, unique approach, and advanced care technology, North Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center provides the sub-acute services that patients and residents need in order to reach their maximum potential.

Due to the excellent outcomes we achieve, North Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center is well known for the medically advanced specialty rehabilitation care we provide and our ability to treat and rehabilitate a broad spectrum of medically complex patients. Our ability to care for patients with pulmonary diseases or those requiring ventilator care, tracheostomy care, halo care and more, reduces the need for extended, expensive acute care hospital stays and propels patients on a path to regaining their independence.

Bringing innovation and compassionate care together, our knowledgeable interdisciplinary clinical and therapy team is uniquely equipped to care for you and optimize your recovery.